Apple’s smarter, AI-infused Siri may not come until 2025


At this year’s WWDC in June, Apple announced a smarter, AI-enhanced version of Siri, but a new report claims that users won’t get it on their devices until 2025.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the new Siri should arrive next spring, with beta testing for developers starting in January 2025, as part of the iOS 18.4 upgrade.

Apple Intelligence – a wider set of AI features Apple has announced for the iPhone and iPad – is still happening this fall, together with the rollout of iPhone 16 and iOS 18. But the big AI upgrades to Siri, which include the smart assistant recognizing your errors mid-command, remembering earlier conversations, and summarizing your meetings, will have to wait.

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One AI feature that is coming to Siri this fall, Gurman says, is integration with OpenAI’s smart assistant ChatGPT.


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Gurman also laid out Apple’s plans for the Apple Watch, including increasing the displays on new models, which we’ve previously reported on. He also said that Apple is looking to update its low-cost watch, the Apple Watch SE. The company is reportedly looking into replacing that watch’s aluminum shell with rigid plastic, probably in order to cut manufacturing costs. The company once did this with the iPhone, when it launched the iPhone 5c, a device that had a polycabornate (instead of aluminum) shell, though that device didn’t sell particularly well.


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