Apple removes VPN apps in Russia; here’s what to do next – Computerworld


Apple is also just one component of a larger attack on VPN use in Russia. The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) points out that the ban is “almost certainly intended to restrict the ability of Russian citizens to access independent Russian, and international media, as well as to simplify the ability of the security services to monitor Russian citizens.” 

The MoD also notes that simultaneously with the crackdown on VPN apps distributed in Russia, state authorities demanded telecom providers there end support for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services

It’s a pattern of repression, control, and erosion of communication that was ongoing in Russia even before the invasion of Ukraine. “While there are a shrinking number of VPNs still available in the Russian version of the App Store, fewer and fewer high-quality services remain, which means they are less likely to work as they lack the sophisticated traffic obfuscation offered by bigger brands,” said Migliano.


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