2 macOS Sequoia features that you won’t get if you have an Intel MacBook


There’s a new version of macOS coming, but your laptop might not get every new feature.

When macOS Sequoia launches later this year, it will introduce a variety of new features, including iPhone screen mirroring to MacBooks. Importantly, according to MacRumors, it will be compatible with any MacBook that currently supports macOS Sonoma, meaning an upgrade may not be necessary. Or will it?

Cutting to the chase, there are a couple of features you’ll miss out on if you don’t have a MacBook powered by Apple silicon. That means your MacBook needs to have at least an M1 chip inside of it, if not a newer one. So what exactly does macOS Sequoia bring to the table? Let’s dive in.

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macOS Sonoma features that won’t come to Intel MacBooks

The two macOS Sonoma features you won’t get on Intel MacBooks are, unsurprisingly, related to artificial Apple Intelligence.

1. Live audio transcriptions in Notes

The new macOS is getting the ability to record notes within the Apple Notes app and have AI automatically transcribe what is said in them. Well, it’s getting that ability if you have an M1 MacBook or better, anyway.

Per MacRumors, this is one of the features you won’t get with an Intel MacBook. Live audio transcription can be very useful, so Intel folks will be missing out.

2. Apple Intelligence

Intel MacBook users will be missing out on Apple Intelligence. Apple’s AI initiative, which includes partnerships with ChatGPT and possibly Google Gemini, will only work on Apple silicon. (This is due to Intel chips not having a neural engine.) That means people with slightly older iPhones and iPads are out of the picture, too. It’s not great, but hey, that’s technology.


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