The pink Google Pixel 9 resurfaces in another video leak — but the screen is turned on this time


Google hasn’t officially shown anyone the Pixel 9 yet, but two leaks in one week have given us the most exciting news we could possibly get about it: that it will be available in pink.

Per Neowin, a Reel video uploaded to Facebook by a channel called “Reparation mobile 23” appears to show a pink Google Pixel 9 model with the screen turned on.

Pink Google Pixel 9: Everything we know so far

The video gives us a glimpse of the Home Settings menu and the opening animation for the Gmail app.

Mashable Light Speed

But combined with a previous video from this week showcasing the pink Pixel 9 without a screen turned on, it sure feels like the pink model is going to be a real thing.


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Another factor pointing to authenticity is that these two videos are from entirely different sources, but show the same device. In both videos, the pink Pixel 9 has rounded edges, a glossy back, and the same horizontal camera bar that looks distinct from previous Pixel phones.

Google will presumably show off the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro at a “Made By Google” event on Aug. 13.


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