WhatsApp is working on a personalized AI image generator


WhatsApp is bringing a creative AI feature to its platform, allowing users to create AI-generated avatars of themselves in any imagined setting.

The feature was spotted by WABetaInfo in the new WhatsApp Beta for the Android update, and according to The Verge, uses a combination of images, text prompts, and Meta’s AI Llama model to create the images.


A batch of updates from Meta puts AI front and center when you use its apps

“Take photos of yourself once, then imagine yourself in any setting from the forest to outer space,” reads the screenshot on WhatsApp. The way it works is in the Meta AI Chat: users can type “Imagine in…” or “@Meta AI imagine me…” as a text prompt. A user’s likeness will then be used to generate the personalized image.

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It’s not yet clear when the feature will begin rolling out more widely on WhatsApp, but it is reportedly an optional one.

WhatsApp also recently introduced in-app custom stickers, which can be made in seconds, and has been developing its AI chat for months now. With this upcoming feature, it seems Meta’s focus on both AI and in-app creativity is far from waning.


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