It’s not just ChatGPT on iPhone: New report claims another AI chatbot will be added


ChatGPT may not be the only built-in AI chatbot on iPhone.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported as much in his latest newsletter. Regarding Apple’s new Apple Intelligence initiative, Gurman speculated that we might see an official announcement of a partnership between Apple and Google by the end of this year. This collaboration would involve integrating Google’s Gemini chatbot into iPhones where appropriate.


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“As for an Apple deal with Google or Anthropic, I expect at least the former to be announced around the time Apple Intelligence launches this fall,” Gurman said.

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In case you missed it, ChatGPT will hook into Siri and other Apple apps later this year. If you ask Siri a question, and ChatGPT is a better fit to answer it as opposed to Apple Intelligence, you’ll be prompted to use ChatGPT instead. Apple stated last month that other AI chatbots will eventually join the fray, but thanks to Gurman, we can now reasonably assume that Google Gemini will be the next one.

Of course, if you’re not a fan of all this AI stuff, you can always opt out.


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