Get a TikTok-trending hidden camera detector for just $40


TL;DR: Double-check your surroundings with this hidden camera, bug, GPS, and RF detector, and it’s only $39.99 (reg. $59) or 33% off.

Peace of mind while you’re staying in a hotel, rental, or anywhere else is important. A hidden camera-, bug-, GPS-, and RF-detector can help you stay in control of your privacy, and there’s one on sale right now for under $40.

Double-check your surroundings with a hidden camera-detector on sale for $39.99 (reg. $59), or 33% off.

This device is trending on TikTok and other social media platforms as personal safety has become more prevalent. It uses advanced technology to sweep for a wide range of hidden threats including wireless cameras, audio bugs, GPS trackers, etc. The accurate detection has a strong anti-interference range, and a built-in camera finder to identify hidden lenses and magnetic fields commonly used by GPS trackers.

When you arrive at your destination, scan the rooms for bugs and cameras. This multi-functional detector has an alarm mode feature and buzzer detection to alert you when it finds a threat. The LED light intensity detector helps spot magnetic fields and signals that aren’t supposed to be there. 

With this simple tool, you can rest easy when staying in an Airbnb, hotel, or anywhere that’s not your home. Weighing only about five ounces, this portable device makes the perfect travel companion anywhere you go. 

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Get this hidden camera-, bug-, GPS-, and RF-detector for just $39.99 (reg. $59), or 33% off.

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