Bought a MacBook between 2015 and 2019? You may soon get a settlement payout up to $395


Did you purchase a MacBook with the defective butterfly keyboard between the years 2015 and 2019?

If so, you may finally be getting a payout from Apple.

As first noticed by MacRumors, the website for the MacBook Keyboard Litigation Settlement has finally been updated with news that the court issued a payment order last week.

“Payments will be issued for approved claims by August 2024,” the updated statement said.

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Apple’s butterfly keyboard settlement

In 2022, Apple agreed to a $50 million settlement as part of a class action lawsuit over its faulty butterfly keyboard design that it built into MacBooks from 2015 to 2019. 

MacBook owners with butterfly keyboards experienced issues that required keycap replacements, keyboard deck repairs, and sometimes even a full keyboard replacement. Apple responded by launching a repair program in 2018, but this didn’t fix the issue entirely. Some MacBook owners found themselves repeatedly returning to Apple for repairs.

As part of the settlement, eligible MacBook owners will be receiving up to $50 if they had a keycap replacement, up to $125 if they had a keyboard deck repair, and up to a maximum of $395 if they had at least two keyboard deck replacements from Apple.

To be eligible, consumers must have filed a claim by March of last year. Unfortunately, if you were the owner of a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard, and did not file a claim in 2023, the deadline has passed.

The court approved the settlement in May 2023. It’s unclear why it has taken until August 2024 to send out payments. Still, those who experienced the dreaded butterfly keyboard can breathe a sigh of relief knowing a payment is on the way to compensate them for their troubles.


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