Universal Studios’ Nostalgic New Parade Brings Your Movie Faves to Life


Universal Studios Florida has premiered the Universal Mega Movie Parade, filled with cinematic floats that any film nerd would lose their minds over. The limited time parade marks the return of iconic Universal Studios Florida classics that were either opening day attractions or had an early presence in the parks, including Back to the FutureJawsGhostbusters, Jurassic World, and E.T. (the latter two with attractions still standing). They’re joined by recent hits for the kids like Illumination’s Minions and Sing and DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls and Kung Fu Panda.

Take a look at the parade below shared by theme park video blog Park Hop of the Universal Mega Movie Parade if you can’t make it to the theme park before it ends its run.

The best part: some of the standout floats highlight nostalgic moments from iconic movies, including the 16-foot Stay Puft Marshmallow Man atop the Ghostbusters scene with the crew re-enacting the ending of the film. Although we find it a little jarring, we do love the inclusion of the Spengler grandkids along with Egon being very much alive—huzzah movie magic! And then there’s Tully and Janine making appearances which we adore.

Louis Tully Ghostbusters
© Screenshot: Park Hop

The character actors have their improv performances on lock, a Universal Parks signature strength. The interactions between the mayor and Chief Brody ahead of the Jaws float look spot on. I hope they do dockside meet and greets by the shark photo-op outside of the parade with Quint, who gets his own show-stopping moment on the float. Gotta admit we’re a little disappointed that Quint wasn’t flailing halfway in Jaws’ mouth, but we could understand how that might be traumatizing for the kids there to see the Minions and Trolls. One thing missing: where is Hooper?

Jaws Float Park Hop Screenshot
© Screenshot: Park Hop

For the very niche and mighty E.T. fans who are relieved that DreamWorks Land didn’t crowd out the long-lived E.T. Adventure ride, we got the legendary bike scene as a float! It has Elliott and friends recreating their tear-jerking, gravity-defying escape. Kids might be puzzled, though, mistaking it for Stranger Things until they see the little alien in the basket.

E.T. Float Universal Florida Mega Movie Parade
© Screenshot: Park Hop

And finally in the epic finale, Steven Spielberg continues to be homaged with a mega float featuring the Jurassic World franchise’s T-Rex as a moving animatronic. Love seeing Rexy in all her glory stomping a Jurassic Park-era jeep, while a Jurassic World Gyrosphere makes an escape ahead. And we of course have to shout out the Back to the Future float; it looks like movie poster art come to life.

It’s so great to see the classics included with the modern movie money makers—those wouldn’t be here without those Spielberg hits. If you’re there this summer be sure to check out the parade, as well as the incredible Cinesational nighttime lagoon show for more fandom film representation from Universal.


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For more information about Universal Orlando Resort’s summer slate visit universalorlando.com/newfor2024.

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