Netflix ‘Basic’ subscribers are getting warnings about their plans coming to an end


Netflix subscribers clinging on to the streaming service’s cheapest ad-free plan will need to upgrade or lose access to their favorite movies and TV shows.

Social media users subscribed to Netflix’s since-discontinued “Basic” plan are being told that their subscriptions will end — unless they move to a new plan. 

“Your last day to watch Netflix is July 13th,” reads a on-screen message displayed to Netflix’s Basic subscribers. “Choose a new plan to keep watching.”

The message goes on to tell users that the Basic plan has been discontinued and that new plans start at $5.99. The Verge first noticed the uptick in users on Reddit sharing posts regarding Netflix’s prompts about their subscription.

The end of Netflix’s Basic subscription

Mashable previously reported last year about Netflix sunsetting its cheapest ad-free tier.

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In June 2024, Netflix tested out removing the Basic subscription option in the UK and Canada. Netflix then removed the Basic tier from the U.S. offerings last July.

At the time, Netflix allowed users who were already subscribed to the $9.99 per month Basic plan to keep their subscription as long as they did not cancel nor let it lapse. The Basic option provided users with the least costly ad-free experience, provided they only use the service on one device at a time.

In October, Netflix hiked prices across the board, including for users who were still subscribed to the grandfathered Basic plan. At $11.99, the Basic plan still provided the cheapest ad-free Netflix experience.

Earlier this year, Netflix did warn that it was planning on ending the Basic plan for even grandfathered subscribers, starting with those in the UK and Canada. It seems that Netflix is now finally ready to pull the plug on the Basic subscription entirely.

Those looking to save money will have to settle for the ad-supported version of Netflix, which costs $6.99 per month. The lowest-priced ad-free tier is the $15.49 per month Standard plan.


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