Google Pixel 9 video leak: Check out the new bright pink model


We’ve been begging for a pink iPhone for years around here, but Google may have just lapped Apple in that regard.

Of course, that’s only if you believe in video leaks. This latest one comes courtesy of @habibioud on X, who posted a 13-second clip purporting to show the upcoming Google Pixel 9. Seeing a not-yet-announced device is always exciting, but this time, it’s especially so because of the alleged Pixel 9’s vibrant hot pink colorway.

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There’s no knowing if the clip is real until Google’s Aug. 13 event where the Pixel 9 is widely expected to be revealed. However, the video is convincing, especially since the phone shown in the clip bears some similarities to modern Pixels, but with a glossier back and a slightly different horizontal camera bar on the rear. In other words, it looks like an incremental evolution of the Pixel 8, so it may well be real.

Let’s all hope this is real so Apple finally has the guts to do the right thing.


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