Desperate for power, AI hosts turn to nuclear industry – Computerworld


“The power companies are having a real problem meeting the demands now,” Gold said. “To build new plants, you’ve got to go through all kinds of hoops. That’s why there’s a power plant shortage now in the country. When we get a really hot day in this country, you see brownouts.”

The available energy could go to the highest bidder. Ironically, though, the bill for that power will be borne by AI users, not its creators and providers. “Yeah, [AWS] is paying a billion dollars a year in electrical bills, but their customers are paying them $2 billion a year. That’s how commerce works,” Gold said.

“Interestingly enough, Bill Gates has an investment in a smallish nuclear power company that wants to build next-generation power plants. They want to build new plants, so it’s like a mini-Westinghouse,” Gold said. “He may be onto something, because if we keep building all these AI data centers, we’re going to need that power.”


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